Feng Shui & Poker: May The Chi Be With You

The Tip Top Fox looks at how to bring Lady Luck over to your side and harness the power of feng shui at the poker tables

Harness more than six millennia of Chinese research philosophy to master the fickle mistress that is Lady Luck and watch the poker winnings roll in. Disclaimer: it’s unlucky to be superstitious.

An old Chinese adage goes, ‘fortune knocks at least once at every man’s gate’. Poker is not a game based purely on skill – like it or not, luck plays a pivotal role on the poker tables, real and virtual. Even the sharks fall victim to the luck factor, which adds unpredictability and suspense to every game. 

Lady Luck can be a fickle mistress and lucky breaks elude players more often than not, so why wait for good luck to knock on your door, when you can use feng shui to entice lady luck over to your side?

“You don’t have to believe in Feng Shui for it to work. I just know it brings me money.” 

Donald J. Trump

The Power of Positivity

Feng shui (or geomancy) is a long-standing Chinese philosophy that speaks of the power of nature. This ancient system is all about achieving ideal harmony and sensitivity with the natural order. While you can wax lyrical about elusive geomancy concepts such as positive and negative chi (the life force that powers nature), practically speaking, feng shui is employed to enhance luck, health, and wealth through the modification of aesthetics and layouts of places. Yes, by changing the design and geography of your household or workplace as prescribed by feng shui masters, you can significantly improve your well-being – if you believe that sort of thing.

Before you dismiss feng shui as an old wives’ tale, it’s worth considering that many companies, businessmen, and celebrities often take their cue from geomancers. They employ feng shui to help them in their life, business and careers. For example, what do you think Disney, Coca Cola, Donald Trump, Steve Wynn, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey have in common? Why feng shui, of course! 

However, geomancy is not just the sole preserve of the rich and famous. Many people in this world apply feng shui to their lives and you can too. 

Some practical applications of feng shui can bring some positive card chi your way. However, before you go all-in and engage a full-time feng shui master (which can be expensive), here’s the low down on how feng shui can be used to up your game:

Improving Your Luck – The Home Office

We’re not talking about the UK’s ministerial department responsible for immigration, security, and law and order here. Experts recommend playing poker online as the computer is a source of positive chi. The fact your opponents are also virtual negates your computer advantage somewhat, meaning you need to look to other methods to give yourself a one-up. The following principles are designed to make you feel better, which in turn makes you more productive. These positives should, in theory, attract the success you deserve, making you feel Lady Luck is smiling by your side.

Since feng shui has in its emphasis geography, first and foremost is the strategic placing of your home office as this is the space where you engage in intense card battles on your personal computer. How your office is arranged and designed is particularly important. But before going into the details of your gaming space, the preliminary issue to settle is the location of your home office and computer – without it, there is no office to speak of. 

Feng shui experts recommend that your home office should be as far away from the bedroom as possible since it is paramount to separate your life at home from work. 

Also, with the south-east area of the office being the region of ‘prosperity and abundance’ it is only wise that you place your income-generating computer here. The elements that correspond with this area are wood and water, so instruct your interior designers accordingly. Be sure to stay away from opposing elements such as fire and metal – this will also help with not burning down your house.

Position is Key

Position is key in poker, and it’s also pretty important when it comes to feng shui. The number one rule in feng shui (and poker) is to protect your back – just ask Wild Bill Hickok about it. This means you should not sit with your back facing the door, which is considered the mouth of chi. This means all that energy will be rushing in through the door and slamming into you from behind – not good. 

Install a desk in what the experts call ‘a commanding position’; Your back should be supported by a wall, and you should face the door – though not directly. If possible, try and also face a window with a pleasant view. This prevents people from startling you when they enter the room, providing peace of mind while you’re focused on the game at hand. If such a layout is not feasible, place a mirror on your office desk or by the side of your personal computer so that you can still have a view of the doorway.

An organised and well lit home office increases your productivity

Let There Be Light

Fresh air and good lighting help to raise the positive energy of the office and consequently, your productivity. Deprive your brain of these necessities and you will not enjoy working there, even if you love your job. For lighting, harness the power of nature to its full advantage by allowing as much natural light to filter in as possible.

Since it is not possible to depend on natural lighting alone, florescent full-spectrum lighting is the next best thing. For better air, consider investing in an air-purifier or aroma diffuser, or even something as cheap and simple as a bottle of essential oils with some reeds in.

The Colour of Money

Colours also make a difference in feng shui. With a home office being primarily about making money, experts recommend the room has a strong masculine (Yang) aspect to the colours. Red and yellow are the most prominent Yang colours. Yin colours such as green and blue can also be used, but the balance should be tilted towards the Yang.

Red is a Yang colour, and gold coins symbolise wealth

Keeping your desk neat and organized is another geomancy principle to observe. You will also do well to keep your office space tidy because mess and clutter obstruct the flow of positive energy – plus, you can’t find anything.

But feng shui aside, even logic insists that a tidy workstation is preferable to a chaotic alternative. So start by filing the mountain of paperwork that has piled up since the beginning of time and dispose of all that is unnecessary. Remember to also secure all the pesky wires and cables behind the furniture.

Plan your work station with your well-being in mind and enjoy the results. By putting up your goals and targets, motivational quotes, art pieces that inspire you, or playing music that soothes your soul, you will find yourself happier at work. That should translate to increased productivity, which at the online poker tables equals money.

How Charming

While some players scoff at those who bring good luck charms to the tables, it’s all about encouraging positive thinking and good luck charms in your home office can enhance your game. While most poker players like to see fish at the tables, think about adding a fish tank to your office – if you have space for one. Goldfish keep the chi flowing and are also relaxing to look at. It’s worth noting that different fish have varying effects: Keeping predator fish in the same tank counters the positive chi, so you’re better off leaving the sharks and piranhas for the living room. 

Goldfish are good for attracting chi

A giant money jar filled with coins is considered a good luck token as wealth attracts wealth. A large balance in your Neteller account is not the same thing, so cash out some of your poker winnings, change them up for coins, and start filling the money jar. 

Leafy green plants such as jade, bamboo or the aptly named money plant are also harbingers of good luck. On top of that, they also help to purify the stagnant air. Placing a few of these auspicious plants around your work space should work wonders for your luck and your chi.

Jade, bamboo and the money plant are harbingers of good luck

Into The Lions Den

The aforementioned feng shui principles relate only to your home office. If you have to head to the lion’s den (that would be the casino), arm yourself with red packets (ang paos) filled with gold coins to symbolise the windfall you will receive courtesy of the house (or in the case of poker, the other players).

In a live environment, seating is crucial since chi flows in varying intensities at different places. Spots that are the most attractive for positive energy include the tables near the chip-exchange counters. Obviously, it also helps if you have position on the weaker players at the table.

The bottom line is that your environment affects you. Still not convinced by the supposed prowess of feng shui? Then consider the following pearl of wisdom from New York business mogul and oft-contentious former president of the United States, Donald Trump:

“You don’t have to believe in Feng Shui for it to work. I just know it brings me money.” 

Whether or not you believe in luck, superstition and feng shui, if it makes you think and behave more positively and increases your winrate as a result, isn’t it worth considering?

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