Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Low (PLO8) SNG Strategy: The End Game

In the third and final part of our guide to beating Pot-Limit Omaha hi/lo (PLO8) SNG’s, the Tip Top Fox shows you how to close out the end game

Following on from part one: Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo (PLO8) SNG Strategy and part two: PLO8 SNG Strategy: Early and Mid-Stage Play this is the third and final installment of our PLO8 Sit and Go (SNG) strategy guide.

The bubble and end game are where you should punish the opposition if you are the big stack and pick your spot to make your stand if you are a medium to short stack.

Crunch Time

If you find yourself with a medium to short-stack during the bubble when the blinds are getting big you are looking for a hand that plays well both ways.

However, because of the fact that there is often no qualifying low, you want to pick a hand with a good chance of making a monster high so you can scoop and chip up. Your low is more like an insurance policy as 30% of the time there won’t be one anyway.

Any ace – especially if it’s suited – gives you a card that works for both the high and the low and you shouldn’t be afraid to commit yourself pre-flop, especially if your medium-sized stack is large enough to get others to fold.

Going for Gold

If you are the big stack as the bubble approaches you should be applying the pressure and taking shots at the short-stacks with a wide variety of hands – especially if you find two low cards and two highs. At worst you will be a 40% dog and you only have to hit once to eliminate the opposition. You are the one that wants to be doing the raising though – there is nothing worse than calling off all your chips. At this stage it’s all about pressure and you want to be the one tightening the screws, not your opponents.

The key to success in PLO8 is in not playing draws for all your chips unless you have your opponent well covered. You should, however, be playing your massive redraws very aggressively, especially if you think you are already ahead; if you have the high locked up then jam the pot and make your opponents pay to hit their draws.

You should also be looking to take down pots pre-flop with well-timed three-bets and large position raises. If you lose a couple of big pots when the blinds are high then tighten back up again and look for big hands that can go both ways. Your opponents may have noticed your loose-aggressive tendencies and pay you off when you hit a monster. 


By this stage in the tournament, you should have a good idea about yourt remaining opponents’ playing styles. Now you need to consider how to take advantage of them. Who can’t fold a bad draw? Who three-bets (re-raises) with sub-par hands? How aggressively do these players defend from the blinds?

Pick on the weaker players when they are in the big blind, and try to play the better players when you are in position. Even in PLO8 position is still key and you should be playing your button aggressively, even after the bubble bursts. Force opponents to play big pots out of position and ramp up that pressure. 

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